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About Us

Our Mission

It is our mission to enrich diverse, multi-generational, and multi-cultural audiences and
artists. Through the presentation of musical performances and various other art forms,

we commit to the preservation of the history and legacy of African Americans, thereby
cultivating a musical future for all humanity.

Our Vision

The Sound of the Northwest will engage and inspire generations through African
American music and spirituals.

Our History

The Sound of the Northwest is a community choir founded in 1987 by Juan
Huey-Ray for the purpose of preserving and presenting the music of the Black American
heritage, particularly the Negro Spiritual. It is one of a small number of choirs
nationwide that focus on a repertoire of African American Spirituals, and the only such
choir in the Seattle area.

The Sound of the Northwest strives to enrich the lives of diverse, multi-
generational, and multi-cultural audiences and artists. It has a rich history of performing
for a wide range of audiences in schools, concert halls, civic centers, and churches of
many different denominations. A common feature of Sound of the Northwest
appearances has been educational commentary, story-telling, and audience
participation, encouraging unity among diverse audience members, stirring pride in the
artistic contributions and resilience of the African American community, and providing
insight into the African American experience in a way that fosters empathy and

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